June 6, 2012

The Wonders of Sharia

The Republic of Mali was a constitutional democracy in Western Africa until March 2012, when a military coup and Islamists deposed Mali’s democratically elected president.

Islamists controlling the north vowed to “purge the region of profanity” (see below). And how does one purge a region of profanity? Why, by installing sharia (Islamic) law, and purging its citizens of personal rights, liberties and freedom, as the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) did in northern Mali.

In addition to imposing a strict ban on playing of "football" (i.e., soccer) or viewing it on television, these charming sharia-lovin' folk have also outlawed smoking, shaving and chatting with the opposite sex. And stay tuned for more bans and prohibitions, as sharia law prohibits lots of things, while killing lots of people in the process and making life miserable for infidels (i.e., non-Muslims), women and generally everyone else.

Ever hear of a successful Islamic country (i.e., a country governed by sharia law)? Of course not, because sharia law is primitive, repressive and violent, all things contrary to civil society, much less the achievement of success. 

So remind us again, why does the U.S. do business with Islamic countries (e.g., Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, etc.), when these are all pressure cookers waiting to explode, which export violence and misery throughout the world?  |  June 5, 2012

Mali Rebels Impose Ban On The Playing Of Football

Rebels controlling northern Mali say the playing of football is a religious taboo and must be prohibited for the sake of spiritual sanity in the region

By Kingsley Kobo

Mali-Islamists controlling the north.jpg
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Rebels and Islamists controlling the north of Mali have imposed a strict ban on the playing of football and watching it on television, as part of new religious reforms they say will purge the region of profanity.

The group installed the sharia law on May 22 in their stronghold of Timbuktu, one of Mali's most important cities. Smoking, shaving and chatting with the opposite sex have also been prohibited.

"We have never heard from any Muslim or from the Koran that the sharia law forbids the playing and watching of football. This is very terrible," Ahmed Mariko told on telephone.

"We have young footballers here whose dream is to go and play in European clubs. Our kids can no longer play football in the backyard. We can no longer watch our teams play during the weekend," he said.

A military coup in March deposed Mali's democratically elected president Ahmadou Toumani Toure, plunging the arid west African country into an unprecedented political crisis, with the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) declaring the secession of a new state and the junta still reluctant to hand over power to a regional-backed transitional government.

Original article here.


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