May 11, 2006

Here We Go Again...

Here we go again....

Rule #1 in "Fighting Terrorists 101: Survival Manual for Dummies" is Know Thine Enemy. Apparently Ahmadinejad & co. have read the manual, but we and the rest of the "civilized" world have not.

As the Cesspool on First Avenue in NY (aka the UN) debates the pros and cons of allowing the Vice Chairman of its Nuclear Disarmament Commission (i.e., Iran) to "use new technology to meet its energy needs" (keep in mind that Iran's oil resources are expected to be depleted in...400 years!) and the rest of us are in a tizzy over Ahmadinejad's recent love letter to President Bush and doing what we do best - debating, politicizing, psychoanalyzing, parsing (it depends on what "annihilate" means....) - we can hear Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden et al laughing about how easy it is to manipulate those naive spineless Infidels; they'll buy anything, if you package it right: just use the 'sensitive approach' and remember to include such words as God, Jesus (never 'Allah' or 'Mohammed'), liberal values, human rights, yada yada yada and always address their leaders as either 'Mr.' or 'Your Excellency' (when in doubt, use both).

Let's hope this week's decision to tread "softer" and agree to another Security Council delay - in formulating one of those unanimous resolutions that doesn't alienate, offend, insult or hurt anyone's feelings - is not a sign of us going wobbly (yes I know we have John Bolton at the UN, but we also have Condi coming in for occasional visits, as she did this week, and none of this sounds to us like Bolton's M.O........).

Anyway, for anyone who bought into Ahmadinejad's letter, read the article below (especially the last sentence).

The New York Sun  |  May 11, 2006

Iran: Israel 'A Tyrannical Regime That Will One Day Be Destroyed'

By Anthony Deutsch, Associated Press

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shows peace signs as he addresses Indonesian students in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, May 11, 2006. Ahmadinejad on Thursday called Israel a tyrannical regime that will one day will be destroyed, and vowed to continue defending his country's right to develop nuclear technology. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Iran's president on Thursday intensified his attacks against Israel, calling it a "a tyrannical regime that will one day will be destroyed," but also said he was ready to negotiate with the United States and its allies over his country's nuclear program.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has previously said Israel should be wiped off the map, told a cheering crowd of students in the Indonesian capital that it is every country's right - not just the United States - to use new technology to meet energy needs.

He said his country was willing to negotiate, but that the United States first must drop its "bad attitude."

"We are not only defending our rights, we are defending the rights of many other countries," he said. "By maintaining our position, we are defending our independence."

Ahmadinejad, known for his fiery rhetoric, is visiting Indonesia amid a deepening standoff over his country's nuclear program and suspicions it is developing nuclear weapons. This week, key U.N. Security Council members agreed to present Tehran with a choice of incentives or sanctions in deciding whether to suspend uranium enrichment.

The move will delay a draft U.N. resolution that could lead to sanctions and possible military action if Iran does not suspend uranium enrichment.

The United States accuses Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies, saying it aims only to generate energy.

The Iranian leader told Indonesia's Metro TV station earlier Thursday he was unconcerned about the possibility of U.N. sanctions, saying the West had more to lose than Iran did if the country was isolated.

"We do not need to be dependent on others," he said, adding international isolation would serve only to "motivate" the country's nuclear scientists.

He also said Western nations with large stocks of nuclear weapons were practicing "double standards" in pressing Iran to stop its peaceful nuclear program.

Asked what it would take to begin talks with the United States to resolve the standoff, he said Tehran would talk to anyone except Israel, which Iran does not recognize.

Original article here.


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