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Our Commander-in-Chief In A Nutshell

April 7, 2012


For the chronically-confused, factually-challenged or just plain uninformed, here is a short but succinct video summarizing our Commander-in-Chief, his administration and their leadership record (or lack thereof)...


FATWA On The Peninsula

April 6, 2012

Saudi Grand Mufti.jpg

Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa (religious decree) calling for all Christian churches on the Arabian Peninsula to be demolished, a move that has "embarrassed"...


Bombs & Kooks: A Winning Combo

April 4, 2012


It may be stupid to try to preempt Iran from joining the nuclear club; it may be even stupider not to try. But the stupidest assumption of all is that either Iran is not enriching uranium in order to obtain a weapon, or through negotiations it might....


U.S. of Blissful Ignorance

April 3, 2012

Syrian kids 'analyzing' Obama.jpg

U.S. weakness in the Middle East is being reported by all, except the U.S. media. They've been saying it in Arabic, in public, for most of President Obama's term in office. The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood pointed to it as a reason for...


While We Were Sleeping

April 2, 2012

Israel-China military cooperation.jpg

While we were sleeping, China became an economic powerhouse. Slowly but surely it's becoming a major player in the international arena, as well. And in seeking to become a leading innovator, it is looking to Israel...


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