As We See It

Ugly American

February 1, 2007

Intellectually lazy, glib, hoity-toity and oh-so-(not)-civilized = the Ugly American...


Cirque du Soleil à la Washington DC

January 25, 2007

"So while General Petraeus says he needs more troops to fulfill his mission, General [Hillary] Clinton says he doesn't. Which battlefield commander do you trust?"


Novel Approach To Dealing With Radical Islam

January 15, 2007

Australians are sometimes accused of being direct, even blunt. But this way of going about things seems to have...


Long Live The Bureaucrats

January 5, 2007

As President Bush struggles to resuscitate his presidency in the wake of last year's 'thumping' at the polls and the increasing assertiveness of freedom's foes around the world, his own...


The Swamp In Midtown Manhattan

December 12, 2006

The skivvy around the United Nations is that when Secretary-General Annan makes his final remarks to the Security Council on the Middle East today, he is going to...


NY's Senators Stood Silent

December 5, 2006

"The line on Mr. Bolton from his critics was that he was too direct..."