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July 31, 2011

Two Quotes of the Day, from two very interesting pieces.

The first one: 

Multiculturalism has been a failure in Europe, while, here in the States, Obama has managed a dishonest public discourse with Muslims as if everything were hunky-dory, fabricating knowledge he did not have and which was false in the first place (like his Cairo narrative of the Barbary wars and the ensuing diplomacy), inventing wrongs against them to stir up progressive outrage (was the IRS really blocking contributions to legitimate Muslim charities?), taking sides in intra-civilizational disputes that put him on the side of religious orthodoxy and the narrow-souled of Islam.

The second one:

"If you think we're in a crisis now about coming up on a debt ceiling, imagine a crisis where we face terrorists or rogue states with nuclear weapons. That is the definition of crisis," Bolton argued. It is critically important, according to Bolton, to restore America's national security 'to the very top' of the list of our nation's priorities.

And a bonus one that explains how we got ourselves into this mess: 

Let's face it, why would a man who has only been a community organizer, adjunct law professor, state legislator, and very briefly a senator with a bad attendance record have a real feel for international affairs? The fact that he is an ideologue and arrogant even by the usual standards of politicians and presidents makes things worse.

And so it is...

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