Truly Fitting Tribute

November 19, 2008

While sooo many words come to mind when viewing the picture below, suffice it to say, it is truly a fitting and well-deserved tribute to a vital institution, i.e., the U.N.

It is also a great reminder of where American taxpayer money (which supports this oh-so-stellar institution), ultimately ends up.

Spiegel Online: Wednesday, Nov. 19 is "World Toilet Day" and Berlin
marked the occassion by placing 50 toilets outside its Central Station. The
United Nations declared 2008 the "International Year of Sanitation" in order
to draw attention to public health issues around the world. The average 
person in the West goes to the toilet between six and eight times a day, but
around the world 2.5 billion people live without adequate sanitation, according
to figures from the World Health Organization. AP

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