May 31, 2010

No one should be shocked, shocked by this incident with the flotilla of so-called "peace activists" (aka terrorists/terrorist sympathizers), bringing "humanitarian aid" (aka weapons) to the Gaza strip (where there is NO humanitarian crisis), while rejecting Israeli appeals, before and during, to handle the situation peacefully. [Check out these videos.]

Expect the usual Pavlovian response, from the usual cast of characters, i.e.:

  • The UN Security Council, which never met an oppressive regime it didn't like, will convene at the behest of every Arab/Muslim dictatorship and tyrannical regime out there;
  • The not-so-righteous "international community" will condemn the loss of (terrorist/terrorist sympathizer) lives, never mind the Israeli Navy Seals who were ambushed and seriously wounded;
  • And America.....well, stay-tuned, as we no longer have Ambassador John Bolton defending American interests at the UN. What we do have is an American administration that will gladly sell its allies down the river, and apologize to every terrorist-sponsoring regime in existence today.

As the late Pakistani dictator General Zial ul Haq once explained to his ambassador in Washington: "Being [an ally of] the United States is like living on the banks of a great river. Every four years it changes course, and leaves you either flooded, or high and dry."

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Disturbing Interview About Chemical Attacks

May 8, 2010

Check out this interview with Maj. General (ret) Paul Vallely about some ominous developments in the Middle East.

Beyond wining and dining Iran's Foreign Minister, let's hope the powers-that-be in Washington DC are paying attention, as it's only a matter of time....

[Posted by R.S.]

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