The Moron Vote

May 17, 2008

Poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde once said: "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you."

So with that in mind, below are some laughable news items:

* The Moron Vote: "Readers of this column will recall that from time to time in covering an election cycle I have referred to a voting bloc that political analysts of more delicate sensibilities would rather not mention, to wit, the moron vote (emphasis added). Some might be marine biologists or interior decorators or professors of romance languages, and in their chosen field they might be very knowledgeable...yet when it comes to politics they are in the dark." See article here.

* Oops on the Mazel Tov: The Israeli mission to the U.N. is seeking clarifications on why U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon telephoned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to express his solidarity with the Palestinians on the day they mark the "Nakba" (the Arabic word for "catastrophe," which they use to refer to the birth of the State of Israel).  See article here.

* Welcome to Shari'ah Holiday Tours: Any revealing clothing is strictly verboten under Shari'ah, and so all that diet and exercise your daughter endured so she could fit into that cute bikini will have been for naught. But tell your daughter not to fret; the free market has come to the rescue! A burkini may be just what the imam ordered. See article here. 

* U.S. Government Efforts to Rename al-Qaeda & Co.: We should at least insist on a moniker similar to that used by the artist “Prince” (who changed his name to “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” after a contract dispute with his record label) and call these killers “Violent Extremists Formerly Known As Islamic Extremists” so that their true identity will be prominently highlighted...just like Prince. See article here. 

* "Self-Absorbed Ninnies": Reagan talked with the Soviets while pushing ahead with the deployment of Cruise and Pershing missiles in Europe. He spoke softly – after getting himself a bigger stick. Senator Obama is proposing to reward a man who pledges to wipe Israel off the map with a presidential photo-op to which he will bring not even a twig. No wonder he's so twitchy about it. See article here

How to Enrage a Democrat: ...and other useful tips. See article here

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