Balanced Security

August 1, 2011

More than 140 people were killed in Syria on Sunday as the Syrian army continued its brutal crackdown on protestors.

The Europeans say that adoption of a fourth (count 'em) sanctions measure on Syria is "imminent." No doubt Syria and the rest of the Arab world are shaking in their boots, especially in light of NATO's performance in the (ongoing) war between the almighty Alliance and Libyan nutjob, Moammar Gadhafi [see "The Keystone Allies" in today's WSJ]. 

China and Russia are leading the opposition to a UN Security Council resolution condemning Assad's assault (so what else is new...).

And our Social Worker-in-Chief, who is currently trying to gut our defense budget under the ruse of debt-ceiling negotiations, compromises and balanced approaches, says the U.S. will "increase [its] pressure on the Syrian regime, and work with others around the world to isolate the Assad government." To which Syria and our enemies throughout the world heave a collective Y-A-W-N.

The #1 responsibility of Commander-in-Chief is to keep us safe. Anyone wanna compromised or balanced approach to that?!

[Posted by R.S.]


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