Such A Civilized Bunch

June 27, 2006

Palestinians rallying in Nablus Tuesday in support of the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit:

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We Won't Bow Our Heads

June 15, 2006

Two different articles today, in two different newspapers: The one entitled "Small, Strong French Jewish Organization Defends Community" in Haaretz newspaper is about a Jewish youth group in France that swung into action when a wave of rioting erupted across France last fall, and the other one, entitled "Rothschild: France not anti-Semitic" in the Jerusalem Post, is about French Jewish philanthropist Baron Eric de Rothschild.

The difference between these two articles? Best to read them both, but here's a hint:

In the Haaretz article, a researcher with the European Center of Research and Action on Racism and Anti-Semitism describes the youth group as a group that "epitomizes a new generation of young Jews.....that says: 'We won't bow our heads'."

In the Jerusalem Post article, Baron Eric de Rothschild, in receiving an honorary degree from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, says: "The one thing you can't say is that France is an anti-Semitic country"; and complaints emanating from Israel about the treatment of French Jews amount to "an element of schaedenfreude (taking pleasure at another's misfortune)" on the part of those who have already made aliya: "When the cousins come over, they say, 'It's terrible in France - you have to come'" to Israel.

And the mega-gazillionaire's views on Jewish giving? "The priority for Jewish giving should be helping Israeli Arabs".

For those who were around during WWII, or at least read about it (I've "gently" and repeatedly suggested that our members read the book "Perfidy" by Ben Hecht), the above-referenced quotes will sound familiar. Then, as now, there were Fighters, who refused to bow their heads, and Deniers, who come up with lots of rationalizations and reasons to bow their heads or not rock the boat.

Today, as we watch history repeating itself in front of our very eyes, the one ray of hope for the future is the younger generation (Jews and non-Jews), i.e., those who refuse to "bow their heads."

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Saudi "Intellectuals"

April 11, 2006

In case you were wondering what Saudi intellectuals are discussing nowadays, here is an excerpt from a recent TV interview.

[btw - I wonder who the "top American officials with Israeli citizenship" are? Who knows, maybe George W?! What a joke!]


MEMRI Clip #1103

The following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi intellectual Awadh Al-Qarni, which aired on Iqra TV on March 16, 2006.

Saudi intellectual Awadh Al-Qarni:
Neo-Cons Are the Closest Thing There Is to Nazism

Awadh Al-Qarni:  The real causes for the American invasion of Iraq are: First, the Zionist gang that has colonized America and the American people.

Interviewer:  What proof do you have?

Awadh Al-Qarni:  Look at the number of Jews in the American administration - I mean the Likud Jews, the extreme right wing over there... Some of the top American officials have Israeli citizenship. Some of them were top officials in Israel, such as Wolfowitz and others. Scores of them...The Zionist gang is now toying with the fate of America, and consequently, with the fate of the world, for the sake of the Jewish biblical greed and hatred. [...] Part of the American administration is not religious. They are neither Evangelists nor Jews, but they have a new ideological theory regarding international policy. They are called the neo-cons. Fifteen years ago, the American intellectuals used to call them crazy, but now they are surprised to find that those crazy people are ruling America, and controlling the entire world. They say: We do not want America to be the leader of the world. We want it to rule and Americanize the world. [...] They are the closest thing there is to Nazism. The neo-cons are identical to the Nazis. 

View clip here.

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