Headlines From The Twilight Zone

November 15, 2006

Here are some of today's headlines from the Twilight Zone (aka the United Nations):

* Iranian envoy complains to UN over repeated Israeli 'threats'  - Iranian Ambassador demands UN action on Israel's threats to bomb it. The threats are "matters of extreme gravity and the United Nations Security Council should condemn them and demand that Israel cease and desist immediately from the threat of the use of force against members of the United Nations," said Iranian UN Ambassador Javad Zarif. [Oh, and btw, our own calls to wipe Israel off the face of the earth are not threats, but just friendly "suggestions."- RS]

* UN General Assembly to hold summit on IDF action in Gaza - The United Nations General Assembly will hold an emergency session Friday to discuss the Israel Defense Forces' offensive in the Gaza Strip; the discussion was initiated by the UN's Muslim bloc countries. The UN's top human rights body - The Human Rights Council - on Wednesday expressed its alarm at the gross and systematic violations of human rights violations by Israel in Gaza, and sent a mission to probe the Beit Hanun incident. [And N. Korea, Iran, Darfur, Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas, etc. be damned. What's the point of being a "top UN human rights body" if you can't kick Israel around?! - RS]

* A Mystery Erupts At United Nations Over Greece's Cash  - After sinking millions of dollars into a failed joint project with the United Nations, the government of Greece is asking where its money went?! [I am shocked, shocked to hear this! Tip for the Greeks - follow the oil-for-food money and you'll find your "sunk" millions. - RS]

Who needs to read the funnies when the UN is in town?!

[Posted by R.S.]


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