You Can't Make This Stuff Up

June 29, 2011

Some tidbits from today:

In today's press conference on the "economy", President Obama was asked about Libya. "We've done exactly what I said we would do," said Obama, adding that "Muammar Gaddafi, who prior to Osama bin Laden was responsible for more American deaths than just about anybody on the planet" is now "pinned down and the noose is tightening around him."

Message to Mr. Obama: "we've done exactly what I said we would do" is not an end in itself. And if Muammar Gaddafi is public enemy #2 (second only to Osama bin Laden), then Muammar should be swimming with the fishes (and Osama), and not pinned down in Libya. "Hostilities" began over five months ago, and one of the perks of being a superpower is being able to get things done QUICKLY.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague told the House of Commons today that Iran has "been carrying out covert ballistic missiles tests and rocket launches, including testing missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload." So the loons in Iran have (or are on the verge of having) real nukes, and now missiles capable of actually delivering them?! For those who are worried about a radioactive smoke plume from the wildfires raging today near Los Alamos, NM (the site of our top nuclear-weapons laboratory), wait till you see the plumes after Iran makes a delivery or two!

"Glenn Beck is on the fringe," said US Rep. Nita Lowey (D-New York) today as she visited Israel's Knesset (Parliament), as part of the International Conference of Jewish Parliamentarians. "[Israel] is a free country, and people are free to invite whoever they want, but I don't understand why or wherefore someone would bring Glenn Beck to speak in the Knesset," added Lowey.

Message to Ms. Lowey: Well, maybe it's because there is no one, repeat, NO ONE, who has spoken out in support of Israel, or educated the public here about the existential threats Israel faces today, more than Glenn Beck. So while you may not appreciate it, the Israelis sure do, and that's really all that counts, right? (Also, Ms. Lowey, given our debt crisis, unemployment crisis, economic crisis, nuclear crisis, Libya/Afghanistan/Pakistan/Yemen/Iran crises, I don't understand why or wherefore someone would worry about Glenn Beck?!)

Message to the Israelis: Smile, be civil, be polite, and let it go in one ear and right out the other...

[Posted by R.S.]


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