Us Regular-Folk Would Like To Know

June 15, 2011

The Heritage Foundation is right, Congress is indeed right to be angry and indeed has an obligation to speak up on Libya (see "A Showdown over the War in Libya").

But we'll leave the process to the Washingtonians. Us regular-folk would like to know:

  • What in the world are we doing in Libya (and why's it taking so long)? Does this mean we're at war with Libya?
  • Rumor has it we're surreptitiously bombing Yemen, as well. Does this mean we're at war with Yemen?
  • Rumor also has it we've been sending drones and dropping bombs on Pakistan's tribal areas. Does this mean we're at war with Pakistan?
  • Syria is deploying tanks into its cities to crush protests against Hillary Clinton's "reformer" friend (i.e., Syrian President Bashar al-Assad); thousands of Syrians are fleeing into Turkey (home of the not-so-peaceful Peace flotillas); and "mass graves" have been found in Syria. Does this mean we should be war with Syria? If not, why? Is the brutality of the Basher less than that of Qadhafi?
  • We currently have lots of troops in Afghanistan (not to mention Iraq). Can we finally say we're at war with Afghanistan? When will we know if we've won that war? Whenever the mood strikes our Commander-in-Chief to yank our troops outta there?
  • In Egypt, at least 7,000 civilians have been sentenced to prison by military courts since the ouster (with our assistance) of our longtime pal Hosni Mubarak. Are these arrests/prison sentences part of that delightful wave of change we've been calling the "Arab Spring"? You know, the one inspired by that guy in Tunisia, who torched himself?
  • We hear the Palestinians (no, not the ones who live in, or make up most of Jordan; the ones in the so-called West Bank and Gaza) have "broken off" unity talks between hardline terrorist group, Hamas, and so-called moderate terrorist group, Fatah. Seems like they're having a tough time agreeing on who will lead the coalition of terrorists. (Rumor has it that current prime minister, Salam Fayyad, was bounced because he wasn't bloodthirsty enough for these gentle folk). Definitely not a nice bunch. So how come we're giving ultimatums to our ally, Israel?
  • And speaking of throwing allies under the bus, we hear the Czech Republic is withdrawing from U.S. missile defense plans, because they're frustrated with the diminished role the U.S. has downgraded them to. Is this part of the Obama doctrine that calls for punishing our friends and rewarding our enemies, or the other Obama doctrine, i.e., the one that calls for "leading from behind" (aka the Horse's Ass doctrine)?

[Posted by R.S.]


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