Spreading Holiday Cheer The Islamic Way

December 25, 2010

As is often the case with followers of the Religion of Peace, below is a sampling of what they've been doing this Holiday Season, to spread cheer and goodwill throughout the world:

  • In PAKISTAN, a female suicide bomber killed at least 45 and wounded more than 100, at a food distribution center on Christmas Day; Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Story here
  • In CENTRAL NIGERIA, at least 32 people were killed in bomb blasts during Christmas Eve celebrations. Story here
  • In NORTHERN NIGERIA, at least 6 people were killed by Islamists in Christmas eve attacks on churches. Story here
  • In THAILAND, Islamic militants shot and killed three people, including a married couple, for selling pork at a weekly market. Story here. 
  • In PAKISTAN, an evangelist was beaten and set on fire by six Muslim men, for preaching the gospel. Story here
  • In BAGHDAD, Iraqi Christians marked somber Christmas in the same church where less than two months ago, dozens from their beleaguered community were killed by Muslim extremists intent on driving them from Iraq. Story here
  • In PHILIPPINES, 11 people were wounded Saturday when a bomb went off in a church during Christmas mass, in an area that is a stronghold of al-Qaida-linked militants. Story here
  • In PAKISTAN, religious parties are planning protests this Christmas weekend against any attempts to change the country's blasphemy laws. The laws, which mean anyone convicted of insulting Islam can be punished, have been brought into focus by the case of a Christian woman who's been sentenced to death. Story here. 

And the list goes on and on, so here's a suggestion for Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and wife Daisy Khan, i.e., organizers of the Ground Zero mosque: Rather than going around spreading multi-culti understanding here in NY, or going on a nationwide speaking tour (next month) to encourage tolerance and interfaith dialogue in the U.S., how about spreading some of that tolerance and understanding where it's needed most, i.e., among your co-religionists throughout the world?!

[Posted by R.S.]


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