Fascinating Poll

October 22, 2006

There's a very interesting poll conducted by the American Jewish Committee. In particular, the following numbers are worth pondering:

54% of American Jews support the establishment of a Palestinian state, but 81% think the Arabs want to destroy Israel rather than get back occupied territory.

  • Question - if 81% of American Jews believe the Arabs want to destroy Israel, then why do 54% support the establishment of another Arab state in Israel's backyard (which would involve handing over some more so-called "occupied" territory)?

57% over 35% of American Jews support Israel taking military measures to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. HOWEVER, the numbers are practically reversed - 38% to 54% - when it comes to the United States acting by force against Iran.

  • Question - Why is it okay for Israel (said to be roughly the size of New Jersey; 1/19th the size of California; 2½ times the size of Rhode Island; or only slightly larger than the Canary Islands) to stop Iran from getting nukes, but not okay for the United States (where Israel would fit approximately 768 times) to do it?

74% of American Jews agree with the statement that "caring about Israel is a very important part of my being a Jew."

  • Question - Obviously the 74% of "caring" American Jews includes many of the 54% who would rather see tiny Israel take on Iran rather than have the world's one and only superpower do it. Curious, huh? I guess it depends on the definition of "caring".....

Most of those American Jews surveyed identified themselves as Democrats (54%) rather than Republicans (15%). The rest were either Independents (29%) or clueless (i.e., "not sure") (3%).

  • Question - None.

Fascinating poll, eh?

[Posted by R.S.]


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