NSR Leadership

 • Ronni Shalit, Founder & President

Ronni Shalit is Founder and President of The National Security Roundtable (NSR). An attorney by profession, Ronni practiced law for over 20 years, before moving on in 1998 to serve in a number of economic and security-related positions, including Executive Director of the New York State-Israel Economic Development Partnership, and New York Regional Director for the Washington, DC-based Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. With a strong belief that one of the biggest challenges facing our nation today is an uninformed/misinformed citizenry, Ronni founded NSR in 2006, and together with NSR has dedicated her efforts to growing and expanding the knowledgeable and informed side of the national security debate.

• Nick Mackres, Military Affairs Coordinator

Nick Mackres is Military Affairs Coordinator at NSR. A graduate of Columbia University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Nick enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 1996, rising to current rank of Major. After leaving active duty in 2005, he went on to earn an MBA from Columbia University, and worked at J. F. Lehman & Co. in NY, a private equity firm founded by former Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman. From 2006-2009, Nick served as a USMCR Public Affairs Officer, and is currently a USMCR Regional Liaison Officer to FEMA. He is a managing partner in The Windessa Group, a strategy and technology consulting firm, as well as a partner in Eznergy NJ LLC, which specializes in renewable energy installations.

• Jeanine Kemm, Vice President

Jeanine Kemm is Vice President of NSR. With over 15 years experience in the public relations and communications fields, in both the public and private sectors, Jeanine has extensive experience with high-level political, as well as issue-oriented campaigns. She currently works as a Leasing Specialist at a real estate firm in NY. Jeanine's marketing experience, organizational skills, and commitment to a strong and robust U.S. national defense and security are all assets she brings to NSR.