As We See It

While You Were Sleeping...

February 9, 2016

James Clapper

Top US intel official tells Congress that Iran does not face any insurmountable technical barriers to producing a nuclear weapon and could...


Scrubbing Enemies

February 5, 2016


After leaving a 15-year career at DHS, Philip Haney decided to 'break the silence' and speak out about the dangerous...


Make-Believe Security

February 3, 2016


Government oversight officials informed Congress on Wednesday that the Transportation Security Administration continues to operate in chaos...


Fruits of Appeasement

February 1, 2016

Iran-IRGC Navy Cmdr

Commander of Iran's IRGC Navy said Iranian forces extracted a lot of info from confiscated cell phones and laptops of US sailors recently captured...


Et Tu, Canada?

January 29, 2016

Trudeau-Obama-Ban Ki-Moon

A few months ago, Canada had a leader who understood the moral imperative of solidarity with the Jewish people at a time of growing anti-Semitism, but now...


The Obama Legacy

January 15, 2016

Iran captures US sailors

President Obama’s appeasement and malignant neglect of Iran’s escalating provocations have made the US Iran's hostage and...


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