As We See It

Another Munich Agreement

December 17, 2014

Kerry & the Pals.jpg

France and the rest of Europe's 'Surrender Monkeys' have decided to accommodate the Palestinians on a draft resolution...


Fleeing Turkey

December 16, 2014

Jews leaving Turkey.jpg

Turkey's Jews: "We face threats, attacks and harassment every day. Hope is fading...


An Obsession

December 12, 2014

Caroline Glick panel at JPost conf.jpg

"I consider Europe's keen interest in the Middle East, specifically Israel, to be an obsession..."


Song Of Peace

November 24, 2014

Fatah song.jpg

Check out this catchy tune, the latest and greatest song of peace from Israel's 'peace partner'....


America Punked...Again

November 23, 2014

Obama in China.jpg

That sound you’re hearing is laughter at America, except this time it's coming from across the Pacific...