As We See It

Scrubbing Enemies

February 5, 2016


After leaving a 15-year career at DHS, Philip Haney decided to 'break the silence' and speak out about the dangerous...


Make-Believe Security

February 3, 2016


Government oversight officials informed Congress on Wednesday that the Transportation Security Administration continues to operate in chaos...


Fruits of Appeasement

February 1, 2016

Iran-IRGC Navy Cmdr

Commander of Iran's IRGC Navy said Iranian forces extracted a lot of info from confiscated cell phones and laptops of US sailors recently captured...


The Obama Legacy

January 15, 2016

Iran captures US sailors

President Obama’s appeasement and malignant neglect of Iran’s escalating provocations have made the US Iran's hostage and...


Calling On US Billionaires

January 11, 2016

Hillary & Abbas

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton considered a proposal by her then-advisers to undertake a clandestine campaign to foment unrest among Palestinians...