As We See It

Flying Blind & Frustrated

October 10, 2014


The US Air Force is experiencing mounting frustration from President Obama's incoherent policies...


United States Of Disgraceful

October 9, 2014

Pentagon press sec Adm John Kirby.jpg

Yes, bombing a few vehicles and empty buildings here and there, and from time to time, does indeed have a...


Thugocracy Marches On

October 8, 2014

Putin & Medvedev.jpg

Russia's parliament just passed a new law allowing Russian oligarchs to claim compensation from the state for...


Strangle The Funding

October 4, 2014


Pressure is mounting on the UK Government to take action against wealthy Gulf states accused of funding Islamist terrorism. What is the US doing?


Another Betrayal

October 2, 2014

Kurdish peshmerga.jpg

Not only is President Obama refusing to send arms to the Kurds to fight off ISIS, but he is exerting pressure on both our NATO allies and on Israel not to...