As We See It

More Than Meets The Eye

May 1, 2018

Iran heist

As with most espionage operations, it turns out there might be more to the Israeli Mossad's Iran heist than meets the eye...


Blind & Befuddled...Again

March 9, 2018

AIPAC 2018

Why did AIPAC’s CEO use his speech before 18,000 pro-Israel activists to advocate for a policy that neither the US government nor the Israeli government supports?


There Goes Mahmoud...Again

December 17, 2017


There goes Mahmoud [Abbas] again, condemning the US and Israel, denying Jewish history, ranting, raving and threatening violence, this time over US...


Iron Dome For NY

November 4, 2017

NY Dam

After alarming outages in 2012 and 2014, the New York Power Authority turns to Israel for help in keeping its systems secure...


Remarkable Discovery In Jerusalem

October 16, 2017

Western Wall-ancient Roman theater-like

The remarkable discovery of a small Roman theater brings archaeologists one step closer to solving the riddle of what took place in Jerusalem following the destruction of...


Flunks The Smile Test

October 11, 2017

Iranian missiles

Speculation is that Trump’s senior advisers are positioning him to make a serious mistake [with the Iran deal], based on their flawed advice...