The National Security Roundtable

cordially invites its MEMBERS to a Cocktail Reception, Briefing & Discussion with

Hon. R. James Woolsey

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA);
Vice President & Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton

“The Long War: Understanding The Threats Facing Us Today"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

The Harmonie Club
4 East 60th Street
New York, NY

Before joining Booz Allen Hamilton in July 2002 as a Vice President and Partner in the firm’s Global Resilience practice, Mr. Woolsey served in the U.S. Government on five different occasions, where he held Presidential appointments in two Republican and two Democratic administrations. Previously, he was a partner at the law firm of Shea & Gardner in Washington, DC, where he practiced for 22 years in the fields of civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution. 

During his 12 years of government service Mr. Woolsey was Director of Central Intelligence, 1993-1995; Ambassador to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna, 1989-1991; Under Secretary of the Navy, 1977-1979; and General Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, 1970–1973. He was also appointed by the President as Delegate at Large to the U.S.-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and Nuclear and Space Arms Talks (NST), and served in that capacity on a part-time basis in Geneva, 1983-1986. As an officer in the U.S. Army, he was an adviser on the U.S. Delegation to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT I), Helsinki and Vienna, 1969-1970.

Mr. Woolsey is currently Co-Chairman (with former Secretary of State George Shultz) of the Committee on the Present Danger. He is also Chairman of the Advisory Boards of the Clean Fuels Foundation and the New Uses Council, a Trustee of the Center for Strategic & International Studies and the Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments. He also serves on the National Commission on Energy Policy. Previously, he was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents of The Smithsonian Institution, and a trustee of Stanford University, The Goldwater Scholarship Foundation, and the Aerospace Corporation. He has also been a member of The National Commission on Terrorism, 1999–2000; The Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the U.S. (Rumsfeld Commission), 1998; The President’s Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform, 1989; The President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management (Packard Commission), 1985-1986; and The President’s Commission on Strategic Forces (Scowcroft Commission), 1983. Presently, Mr. Woolsey is managing director of the Homeland Security Fund of Paladin Capital Group; Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board of Global Options LLC; and a member of VantagePoint Management, Inc.’s Cleantech Advisory Council.