June 19, 2012

Russian Ship Bound For Syria Turns Back

A Russian cargo ship loaded with refurbished attack helicopters for Syria was forced to turn back after having its insurance canceled by London-based insurer, The Standard Club (see below). 

“The U.S. has been sharply critical of Russia over the issue of the helicopters, “ according to the piece below.

Indeed. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been warning, threatening, criticizing, demanding, insisting and “lashing out" against Syria and Russia, but t'was the Brits who actually did something about it.

So much for U.S.-Russian resets or whispering sweet-nothings into Russian ears, but hey, our Commander-in-Chief got a big thank-you yesterday from Russian President Putin, for his support of Russia's accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization).

NPR  |  June 19, 2012

Russian Ship Carrying Helicopters Bound For Syria Turns Back, U.K. Says

By Mark Memmott

Russian cargo ship forced to turn back.jpg
The MV Alaed, a multipurpose twin-deck cargo vessel was stopped by the UK-based marine insurer the Standard Club (Image from Photo courtesy:

A Russian cargo ship loaded with refurbished attack helicopters has turned back toward home after having its insurance canceled, British Foreign Secretary William Hague says, according to the BBC.

The MV Alaed was was passing by Scotland's north coast at the time. The policy was canceled by The Standard Club, a London-based insurer. According to the BBC, the insurer issued a statement saying:

"We were informed on Friday evening that the ship might be carrying weapons, in particular attack helicopters, missiles and non-specific munitions, and we are making inquiries to establish what their side of the story is.

"There are exclusion clauses in our cover and, for anyone involved in improper or unlawful trade, we can cancel cover."

The U.S. has been sharply critical of Russia over the issue of the helicopters, which Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has said would sharply escalate the conflict in Syria. Russia has insisted it is only fulfilling a contract and that it is not supplying Bashar Assad's regime with weapons that can be used against civilians.

Watchdog groups, activists and U.N. officials say more than 10,000 people — most of them civilians — have died in Syria since protests against the Assad regime began there in March 2011. Most of the killing, they say, has been carried out by government forces or militias loyal to Assad.

Original article here.


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