March 8, 2012

Hamas Says...

Those are the first two words of a headline in today’s Wall Street Journal, which you can read more about in “Hamas Says It Wouldn't Join a War on Israel." For us, those two words tell us everything we need to know. 


An Islamic terrorist organization that kills and lies for a living, sponsored by a state actor (i.e., the Iranian regime) that also kills and lies for a living, is hardly a reliable source, much less an indication of anything worth analyzing. Especially when one knows that lying is an art form under sharia or Islamic law (on the Islamic doctrines of taqiyya and tawriya, see "Islamic Doctrine of ‘Creative Lying’") 

Yet major news publications, e.g., The Wall Street Journal, write about it (i.e., about what Hamas says), intelligence analysts parse and analyze it (e.g., see Stratfor’s "Hamas Rules Out Fighting for Iran") and at some point, the Obama administration will likely tout it. 

Well, we wish them all the best of luck! Although we would like to point out another recent development, which they can read about here:  “Hamas Denies It Intends To Stay Out of Israeli War With Iran” (added emphasis).


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