June 25, 2011

Disgusting Is Right

With all due respect to the Wall Street Journal, an accelerated American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan (see below) will do far more damage than simply “encourage European allies to follow suit” (especially since, historically, Europeans need little, if any encouragement to withdraw).

The following two Reader Comments posted on the site, say it best:

Comment #1:

“The President has just told American soldiers, ‘I don't particularly care if you win, just don't lose until after I am re-elected.’  Which essentially means, ‘Don't die for your country, die for my re-election.’

In my half-century life, this is the first President I have seen who so clearly placed his own concerns above that of his country.”

Comment #2:

“We should never go to war if we don't intend to win.

Never risk a soldier's life for a cause not worth winning.

No political campaign is worth the life of even one US soldier, sailor, airman or Marine.

Obama said Afghanistan was the war we needed to win. Now we see Obama playing Presidential politics while soldiers are in harm's way. Disgusting.”

We agree, disgusting is right.

The Wall Street Journal  |  June 25, 2011

The Crush at the Afghan Exits
Can the last NATO ally out of Afghanistan please turn off the lights?

Ahead of President Obama's Afghanistan speech this week, we warned that any accelerated American troop withdrawal would, among other drawbacks, "encourage European allies to follow suit at the same or quicker rate." Well, here we go.

By Thursday morning, France's Nicolas Sarkozy had endorsed the U.S. pullback and unveiled his own plans to withdraw a quarter of French soldiers, starting next month. With 4,000 soldiers, France has the fourth-largest force in Afghanistan. Like our Commander in Chief, Mr. Sarkozy is running for re-election next year. Perhaps Obama election strategist David Axelrod should send the Frenchman a bill for providing this nifty campaign maneuver... more here


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