January 17, 2013

Another ‘Jihadi’ Crisis

In light of the fluid goings-on in the so-called Algeria hostage crisis, below is a GREAT analysis by Jonathan Schanzer.

Pay attention to his comments about jihadi activity in North Africa and the Middle East., i.e., the US has been aware of this jihadi activity by various al qaeda splinter groups for over 2 decades and has done nothing to neutralize them.

Of course the US has done nothing. The US has yet to NAME the enemy it's been fighting for over 12 years now!

So what will US leaders say when the US is hit again, in a 9/11–style or worse terrorist attack by these Islamist types?

They’ll no doubt say the same thing they said following 9/11 itself - i.e., we didn’t know, we told so and so, etc. – and set up commissions to study the failures.

Déjà-vu all over again? You betchya.


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