September 6, 2012

A Vote That Will Live In Infamy

A disgusting vote (and moment) at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday was captured on video (below) for all to see.

It was a spectacle that will live in infamy, and no amount of political double-speak will remove it from the memory of those who saw it.

Wake up and smell the stench, people. It’s a stench that reeks of hatred and more, which once permeated throughout Europe, while America remained neutral.

Today, countries like Iran are inventing perfumes to mask it (see Eau de Loons), and a vocal majority in the Democratic party is coming dangerously close to being awash in it. 

Shame on them, and shame on anyone who remains silent (and neutral)....again.

Wednesday's DNC vote on "God & Jerusalem" 

DNC vote on Jerusalem
Screenshot: YouTube/CSPAN


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