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Catch & Release

March 17, 2013

Ahmed Ferhani.jpg

After the Twin Towers crumbled on 9/11, prosecutors were given ‘powerful new tools’ to prevent future terrorist attacks. Are short prison sentences one of these tools?


State Department Disgrace

March 15, 2013

Iran-jailed American pastor.jpg

Never failing to disappoint, the State Department ducks a hearing focused on the case of imprisoned American pastor...


Axis of Something

March 14, 2013

Turkey-Iran axis.jpg

Our "friends," the Turks, appear to be exporting items with nuclear apps to one U.S. enemy, while funding another U.S. enemy...


Truth Appended (Reluctantly)

March 13, 2013

AP controversial photo.jpg

A familiar trap, which AP, Reuters, Washington Post et al continue to fall into, despite evidence (and experience) to the contrary...


Saudi 'Ingenuity'

March 10, 2013

Saudi beheading.jpg

Our oil-rich friends, the Saudis, appear to be suffering from a shortage problem, that is, a shortage of government beheaders...


America's Future Voters?

March 8, 2013

NYC students failing.jpg

Nearly 80 percent of those who graduate from NYC high schools arrive at City University's community college system without...